Collection: Summer Collection Under $10

Classic Authentic Handmade Medley Krobo Seed Beads
Series is a COOL Series to own.
Made with Gorgeous Authentic Krobo Seed Beads. It is a must make for every beader on the Ghanaian waist beads market.

I mix of two or more Krobo Seed Beads strung on wire with Screw Closure for Easy wear and removal.

This product is for 1 strand of Traditional African Waist beads.

This Photo is a bunch of beads wrapped around a few times.
One strand will wrap around your Belly. Waist or Hips only one time.

This piece is perfect for first-time wearers and coming of age ornament.

It makes a great birthday gift.
Also send as a bridal shower gift, mother's day gift and  female holiday gift or Christmas gift.

You can stack them or wear it single.

Waist beads makes you fall in love with yourself all over again

These Authentic African Waist Beads are Worn around a Woman's Belly, Waist or free flowing around her Hips.
African Women wear Exotic Body Beads to draw attention to, and enhance her femininity.